Saturday, August 2, 2008

By the time I had been aboard ship a couple weeks,
I had learned to not go to sea on a planned voyage
without a full load of fuel.

Somewhere, somehow the party of grasshoppers

have failed to learn this. They have proposed universal
health care for many years yet I have heard no plans
to increase the number of doctors, nurses and other
related trades. As I understand, it takes about 10 years
from high school to being a doctor, longer for different

Now the magic cure is alternative energy sources which

generate electricity without any plans for a delivery
system. The grid cannot handle the present load as is
proved by the black and brown outs caused by weather

Before believing any of the B.S. put forth by con men or

women, check their background, associates, friends,
parents and yes, their education and accomplishments.
Then look for the lack of planning in the proposals.


GJG said...

and you didn't mention the years of enviromental studies that have to be done (if for no other reason than to keep all the beaurocrats busy), and then the length public hearings so all the NIMBIES, can rant and rave. Only when the situation gets truly painful, will anything get done---amazing how many other ways to create power become known, when gasoline goes over $4/gal. My bet is on the Hydrogen fuel Cell technology, the end product aside from the energy itputs outis water and oxygen.

Gary (aka old dude)

chell belle said...


Kay Dennison said...

Well said!!!!!